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[October  24th, 2014]
Candidates juggle professional careers and the campaign
Toronto Observer // Paul Bocking is a first-time candidate for city council in Ward 35 (Scarborough Southwest). He’s also learning how to balance campaigning and with his regular professional career during the Toronto municipal election. MORE

[October  24th, 2014]
Position Primer: Ward 35 
This survey, conducted by Women in Toronto Politics, requested candidates’ positions on 10 issues in 500 characters or less. Read to see how Paul’s platform stacks up against his opponents’. MORE

[October 22nd, 2014]
Toronto Voting 101: How to Choose Your City Councillor
Matt Elliott, Metro News

There’s a strong slate of people running for council this year. Among non-incumbents, I’d have few second thoughts about voting for Paul Bocking (Ward 35).” MORE

[October 16th, 2014]
Toronto municipal election 2014: East
Residents could find a champion in Paul Bocking, a high school teacher and PhD candidate who wants to freeze TTC fares, improve bus service, and bring businesses back into the area’s vacant industrial lands. MORE

[October 10th, 2014]
Food Nation campaign tries to get issue into mayoral candidates’ heads
Paul Bocking, running for councillor in Scarborough’s Ward 35, said he thought signing on to Food Nation “was a no-brainer.” At a debate in Warden Woods Community Centre last week, food security was a top issue, Bocking said, noting the area doesn’t have a grocery store within walking distance and… MORE

[September-October 2014]
Rogers TV All-Candidates Debate (Televised)
The televised debate of candidates in Ward 35 is airing multiple times per week until the election. You can also watch the debate online. See their complete schedule.

[September 15th, 2014]
Ward 35 Scarborough Southwest council candidate Paul Bocking: Q & A
Paul speaks to the Scarborough Mirror about top issues in Ward 35, in Toronto as a whole, and about his ideas on transit. MORE

[June 2014]
A walk with a candidate: Paul Bocking takes aim at Scarborough Southwest
Paul Bocking finds nice people as he strolls Danforth seeking to be elected for Scarborough Ward 35 in Toronto election. MORE