We are a grassroots campaign that depends on the support of friends, neighbours, and the community. Your contribution will ensure that we are able to build our campaign for good jobs, better public services, and bottom-up democratic decision making in Ward 35 and City Hall.

Contribution rules
You must be eligible to contribute as an individual, not a corporation or a trade union, living in Ontario. If you donate more than $100, your name and address will be included in Paul Bocking’s financial statements (posted on the City of Toronto’s website) after the campaign period.

Under the City of Toronto’s Contribution Rebate Program, you can receive a rebate from the City for contributions made to mayor and councillor candidates in an election. The minimum eligible contribution for a rebate is $25.

Your Contribution Actual Cost to You
$25 $6.25
$50 $12.50
$100 $25
$250 $62.50
$300 $75
$500 $175
$750 (max) $300

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