Dan Harris

Member of Parliament for Scarborough Southwest

“As the Member of Parliament for Scarborough Southwest, it gives me great pleasure to endorse Paul Bocking as City Councillor for Ward 35!

Paul is brilliant, dedicated, and passionate about making Scarborough a better place. He has great ideas and the energy to see them through. I have seen how hard he works for our community, and I am so excited about the positive change he’ll bring for our community from City Hall!”



Paulina Corpuz

President, Philippine Advocacy Through Arts and Culture
Candidate, Catholic School Board Trustee

Mayette Morillo

Owner of Mayette’s Famous Restaurant and Catering

“We met Paul when he was organizing the West Scarborough Community Action. He is a passionate community activist who untiringly pursues the betterment of his community. Ward 35 needs someone like Paul who will strongly advocate and represent the interests of the West Scarborough community: more good jobs, more frequent bus service, lower fares, more after-school programs and much more.”



Bill Signal

President, Plumbers and Steamfitters Union, Local 46

“I’ve known Paul to be an energetic, dedicated activist in Scarborough. He has bright ideas, integrity, and most importantly, he is willing to listen to you and the community about the changes that we need. As City Councillor, Paul will be a clear voice for the working people in Scarborough, and he’ll work with other City Councillors to make this happen, because Paul is a team player.

He understands we need public transit now, not ten to twenty years from now. Paul understands that young people need full-time employment. He has been speaking with organized labour on how to assist young people who want to enter the trades. I grew up in Ward 35, and I know that the ward can become a vibrant community with Paul as your Councillor.”



Ramanuj and Rukmini Bhowmik

Neighbours of Paul

“Paul is our next-door neighbour, and we’ve known him for several years. He is a humble, honest, energetic, and impartial young man. We know that he will do a great deal for the people of our community if we elect him as City Councillor.”


Patrick Vincent

Retired High School Teacher and Resident of Ward 35

“I’ve been a member of the Scarborough Southwest community for more than 20 years. As a teacher at Birchmount Park Collegiate (1993-2013), I worked with Paul Bocking and found him to be an extremely intelligent, hard working, and passionate man, whose interests sit with the working classes.”


2014-10-24 Mosque with Khondaker

Khondaker Alam

Muslim Community Leader and Resident of Ward 35

Paul Bocking (পল বকিং) হছে একজন স্কুল টিচার এবং ৩৫ নং ওয়ার্ড এর ভালো বাসিন্দা । সে উদ্যোগী, সাহসী এবং ইমিগ্রেনটদের প্রতি তার দৃষ্টি সতিই প্রশংসনীয়। আমি দেখেছি তাকে, প্রতি ঘরে ঘরে সবার সাথে কথা বলার তার আপ্রাণ চেষ্টা। সে ৩৫ ওয়ার্ড এর কল্যানের জন্য প্রতিজ্ঞাবদ্ধ । সে বর্তমানে পিএইচডি ডিগ্রী সম্পাদনের পথে আছে। আমি তার সাফল্য কামনা করি।

“Paul Bocking is a school teacher and a good resident of Ward-35. He is energetic, confident, and his eyes on immigrants is really appreciated. I have seen his willingness to talk to every person from door to door. He told us that he will make change in Ward 35 if he gets a chance as a Councillor. Paul is currently completing his PhD at York University. I wish him success.”



CUPE Ontario

Ontario Division of the Canadian Union of Public Employees


Toronto & York Labour Council

Central Labour Body That Combines The Strength Of Hundreds Of Local Unions, Representing 195,000 Working Men And Women


Toronto Feral Cat Coalition

Organization Promoting Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) Programmes for Street Cats, A More Humane and Compassionate Solution to the Growing Feral Cat Population


Matt Elliott

Writer, Metro News

“There’s a strong slate of people running for council this year. Among non-incumbents, I’d have few second thoughts about voting for Paul Bocking (Ward 35).”


Our City Toronto

Progressive Civic Engagement Group in Toronto

[See their endorsement here.]