As a community activist, Paul is a member of Scarborough Transit Action and Respect Scarborough, and a co-founder of West Scarborough Community Action. He is a columnist on city politics and education issues with the Scarborough Bluffs Advocate monthly community newspaper.

As a public high school teacher in the Toronto District School Board, Paul has taught Geography, World Religions and English, and coached athletics at Birchmount Park Collegiate and Winston Churchill Collegiate in Scarborough. As an adult educator at the City Adult Learning Centre, he taught classes in ESL Civics and Careers with newcomers and refugees to Canada.

Paul is currently completing his PhD in Geography at York University.  He also holds a Masters Degree in Work & Society from McMaster University.

6 Responses to About

  1. Daneesha Smith says:

    im voting for you! good luck we believe in you and your promises and strategies!!

  2. Khondaker says:

    I found Paul very energetic and sincere and sympathized about the progress of the ward 35 during the debate at Warden Wood Community Centre. He has some good idea too. I will vote for you and hope you will be the next councillor for us.

  3. Rayan Frazer says:

    You definitely have my vote on October 27 !

  4. paul says:

    Paul came to my door and I respect that and we will have my vote!

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